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01/23/09 05:05 PM #1    

Jennifer Hafner (Greenwood)

Welcome to the William Howard Taft High School Class Of 1990 forums.

I'm taking the lead for planning the 20-year reunion so I need your help! Let me know if you would like to help in the planning process (just email me via the "contact us" link) or post a response to this discussion and I'll contact you. If you don't live in San Antonio but still want to help, we are looking for input on a Survey we're developing about what we want to do during the reunion weekend....

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02/18/09 07:08 PM #2    

Karen Butler (Guillaudeu)

Not sure how many of your know Steve Cox from Marshall but he has set up a get together for Marshall alumni and has invited those of us from Taft. Spread the word. The more the marrier and a great way to catch up with old friends and even make new ones!

If you can attend, my suggestion would be to contact Steve thru Facebook and let him know you want to attend.

Information is as follows:
Marshall 80's Bash!
Let's Rock!
When: 8:00PM Saturday, June 13th, 2009
Where: Josabi's, Helotes, TX

Hope to see you there!!

03/21/09 03:38 PM #3    

Suzie Meltz (Phipps)

Hey there guys! Here's a short video to get you in the mood for the 20 year reunion! Apologies for the pics - it's all I had to work with! -Suzie

03/22/09 08:25 PM #4    

Jennifer Hafner (Greenwood)

Great job Suzie! Thanks for posting!

03/22/09 08:57 PM #5    

Jennifer Acosta

Oh wow all those faces, all that hair! LOL That was great to see. I cant wait to see all you guys at the 20yr.

03/22/09 10:10 PM #6    

Jennifer Owens (Reid)

Wow! How things have changed! Thanks Suzie

03/22/09 10:19 PM #7    

Glenn Franson

Great work, and thank you for taking charge! If the committee would like a meeting or conference room for planning the reunion, I gladly offer. If you are interested, please call the office at (210) 402-0777. Thanks and we'll see you soon!

Glenn "Bubba" Franson

03/23/09 09:01 AM #8    

Erica Carlson (Martinez)

I just realized how long 20 years can be. Has it really been 20 years? Wow! Thanks Suzie for the video, it's great.

03/27/09 02:01 PM #9    

Paula Cooler-Cruz (Pangan)

Hey, Jennifer! I was just thinking, once we get some more alumni to sign up, and the date set, it'd be nice to invite some of our former teachers if we can find them! What do you think? I hear there are still a few working at Taft. Mr. Whitehouse was just one of my favorites that I think still works there. Know any others?

04/01/09 09:22 PM #10    

Jennifer Hafner (Greenwood)

Paula, that's a great idea! I think Wiley Perkins still works there... but I am not too sure about anyone else. Wouldn't be too difficult to find out though. We'll make that one of the subjects we discuss when we get our first planning meeting together.


04/09/09 12:52 AM #11    

Bob Pyles

even though i wasnt one of the more "popular" ppl in high school i still cherish those days!!...wish i didnt let a friend "borrow" my yearbook cuz i never got it back!! mad as hell to this day about it!!! wonderin if there was a way to get a copy somehow???(even though not the same without the signings dammit!)

04/22/09 11:56 AM #12    

Heather Walley (Scholl)

Great video! Thanks for starting the process of getting everyone back together, 20 years!!!!! Did we really all get that old that quickly????

05/08/09 10:09 AM #13    

Paula Cooler-Cruz (Pangan)

Is the reunion going to be a Alumni and Spouse/Significant Other event or a "bring the Kiddies" Family event, or both?

05/30/09 10:30 AM #14    

Jennifer Hafner (Greenwood)

We have not decided yet, however, if we follow the 10-year reunion example we'll do both alumni/spouse (significant other/date) event & family event.

06/18/09 12:18 AM #15    

Jo Dawn McNeely (Brehm)

Hey Paula great idea. Mr. Whitehouse is now at Brandeis coaching the Golf team. His last year at Taft was 2007-2008. This was his first year at the new school. It is fun to talk with him about our class and does he have some stories to tell. There are still a couple of coaches there.

06/25/09 07:39 AM #16    

Paula Cooler-Cruz (Pangan)

I can imagine how good Mr. Whitehouse's stories are now! Loved to hear him tell them in class back in the day too! LOL. If you get a chance, tell him one of his ol' students said Hi!

06/26/09 12:17 AM #17    

Susannah Hartmann (Fowler)

as soon as you guys have a date let me know i may be able to convinced some alumni to have their band there for the big event....

and omg the hair has got to go!!!!!!!!!lol

and i swear if anyone shows up in their prom dress i am gonna scream!!!

i wish i could do more to help out you guys

susie (hartmann) fowler

07/02/09 12:49 AM #18    

Dora Trinidad (Campos)

Spoke briefly with Jennifer, and it has been a little tough being in San Antonio long enough to plan something. I think we try to get together as a group, or at least those interested in helping plan the event, when Jennifer is in town. I believe she is back after July 12th, and here for two weeks, before she leaves again.

I say we get together during that time. Jennifer, just let us know what your schedule is like, and I can coordinate the place and time. I would rather have you there, since you had all of the plans on our last get together.

Let me know...


07/09/09 07:17 PM #19    

Glenn Franson

Hi Dora, If the committee needs a place to meet I have offered my conference room. I am in the Sterling Bank Building at 281 and Bitters Rd., so it is fairly centrally located. I would be more than happy to host the committee and will be flexible with times that the room is available. There is Audio Visual equipment and internet service/network available to you as well. Sincerely, Glenn "Bubba" Franson (210) 402-0777 (office)

07/09/09 10:45 PM #20    

Dora Trinidad (Campos)

Sounds good Glenn. Any chance we can have a few bottles of wine at hand to relax before we start brainstorming? I understand some companies do not allow this, but others like mine, do. Let me know, and maybe I can coordinate with the others on agenda and having some snack food available.

As soon as we get that done, I will take the next step and fill you in on the response I get ;)

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